I wrote this book to help children understand and deal with their uncomfortable feelings including anxiety, fear and frustration.  As a mother of four, I’ve seen first hand the struggles my children have gone through, at various points in their lives, as they learned to deal with these emotions.  Writing children’s stories like this has allowed me to combine my parenting experiences and my Clinical Psychology education.

It was published in November 2008 by Full of Ideas Publishing and is beautifully illustrated by a great Toronto artist,  Troy Brooks.


Readers, young and old, are taken on a journey of feelings with Gabi, a delightful little girl with green eyes. With the help of her mother, Gabi deals with situations in ways that help us understand what it means to have high emotional intelligence.

She searches her house from the top to the bottom trying to find the source of a scary noise. To her amazement, she discovers something quite unexpected…

The story is exciting, relevant and fun-to-read so children will absorb its subtle and yet powerful messages and teachings with ease.


“What a delightful book! This is a story about a child with very big feelings and deep emotions. It is so nice to read a children’s story where a parent is truly listening, validating and unconditionally loving their child through a difficult moment. Both children and parents will find great value in this thoughtful tale. It will be on my list to recommend to the parents I work with.”
– Jennifer Kolari, M.S.W., R.S.W., Child and Family Therapist, Author, Founder of Connected Parenting

“Marsha Jacobson does parents a great favor.”
– Joe Rich, weekly guest therapist on CityTV’s CityLine show

“Boom… Boom… Boom… is a beautifully written story for children of a variety of ages. The story demonstrates many feelings that most children would have felt at one time or another. The story’s subtlety will make any child feel comfortable with their emotions. Emotional intelligence is imperative to present and future successes of children. Marsha’s writing techniques are superb in assisting children in developing their emotional intelligence.”
– Cathy Indig, Pre-School Director

“We read the book together, Nate (age 3.5) and I, and we were both in love. We both learned a lesson. I learned that I sometimes need to be more patient and need to word things better to allow Nate to come to the right conclusion himself. Nate’s immediate reaction was, ‘Maybe when we’re scared sometimes, we could read that book.’ Thanks so much for writing such an amazing book.”
– Nadine S.

“The children loved your book … Using the story allowed them to open up and talk and share their thoughts and fears. Thank you for writing such a lovely book – we are all looking forward to the next books in your series. It is such a hectic world and too often we as teachers forget to stop and listen to the children and let them do the talking. Your book gave the children a chance to talk and helped me get to know them better and understand their actions and responses more.”
– Joanne, Grade 6 Teacher