For a long time now I have understood that I am not one whole person but rather a sum of many. I’ve learned to listen to my inner voices and to recognize who’s making the most noise. I know how to take my “prophet of doom,” or as I fondly call him, my “grim reaper,” and send him to positivity school for the day. I’m also adept at conversing with Mrs. critical and even sometimes emerging strong from the interaction. From necessity, I have added to my existing group by creating my kind and nurturing Aunt to take care of everyone and make sure that they exist in a somewhat peaceful cohabitation. You get the picture?

It struck me the other day that I could have fun with this and help myself to boot! So I created a new part who I’ve named OMG (Don’t let it be said that I don’t move with the times). I am more than willing to share this person with all those who feel, at times, unappreciated. Let me explain by example: I’ve dropped my daughter at school, done a quick shop at the grocery store and filled up with gas. I arrive home with the groceries and unpack. I quickly check my emails and get in a 30 minute run on the treadmill. I write a blog and work for an hour on my book. I realize the time and rush out to pick up my daughter from school and take her to the orthodontist, and then to dance. Grabbing odd minutes during the day, I’ve also edited one of my son’s essays and dropped off a shirt to be mended at the cleaners. Did I mention showering? When my family waltz in one at a time at the end of the day, I very often hear, “I’m exhausted, what’s for dinner?” or “There’s no food in the house!” or “Can you massage my neck.” It is at this point that my OMG person springs to life.

“What! You did what today??” That’s not even possible for a single human to achieve! You must be a super-woman, super-mom and super-wife!! OMG, I am so impressed by your amazing achievements!! OMG!! You’re incredible!!! (The use of multiple exclamations is recommended)