What do I do!

Forms! I hate them! My husband cannot understand my reticence to fill out forms. I’ve never really understood it until recently. While I have only called myself a “writer” in recent years, I think I have always thought like one. I’ve never been one to put into written words, thoughtless material. I contemplate and often agonize. This is not to say that everything I write is a gem. Far from it, but it is thoughtful. So filling out forms, which often requires doing them there and then, drives me crazy. I particularly hate the occupation question and I think I know why. It would be easy to say “writer” but is that my primary occupation? No, it is not. I have figured this out by assessing situations when I have a choice. For example, when I sit down to write and I get a call from my son asking me to edit an essay, I put the writing aside and edit the essay. This also happens with school shopping, meal making, dance schlepping, wedding venue searching, backgammon playing, hugging and talking, to mention a few off the top of my head. So if I always choose the demands, requests and needs of my children over my writing then I guess my primary occupation is “Mom.” At least I know how to fill in that part of the form now!