Truth – a word bandied around by so many. If the discovery of truth exists I don’t think it is reachable by man. It is presumptuous of any of us to believe that we, with the limitations of our human minds, can state that we have the truth in hand. And yet so many people espousing religions, politics and philosophies do just that. Does this mean that we choose to believe in nothing? No. Is anything all or nothing? Believe what makes sense to you but not to the point where we put down, hate or murder those who disagree with us. Tolerance of others is the solution to all our problems. Realizing that our “truth” is relative and that we choose our beliefs is key. Choice about anything as it pertains to humanity makes us more thoughtful and less reactive.

The reaction to Barack Obama is a phenomenon and I believe that it is the aura of tolerance that flows from him, that speaks to the people. When he speaks I feel as though he is sharing his thoughts and not trying to replace the thoughts of his listeners. It is thrilling to witness a man with such enormous potential power display equal enormous humility.