Pep talk

The last few months have seen me running next to life and barely managing to keep up. I am in the process of realizing that unless I make time to do the things in my master plan, I may never get around to them. Russ and I spent a week in Mexico doing just about nothing. Our biggest decision was what we were going to eat for dinner. But… I had time to write (part of my master plan) so that was good. It’s not about making decisions and then sticking to them. Experience of life is dynamic so we have to constantly check our progress and where we are. It is so easy, as I have discovered many times, to slip into a rut of existence. Weeks, months and sometimes years pass and we realize that we haven’t got to that one thing that will bring us happiness and fulfilment. Why are we sometimes so sabotaging in nature? I think it’s partly because we live in a “too much” world right now. We may have only lived to 40 in the 18th century but we probably got more done! But a think a part of it is that we are also emotionally lazy. Anything great and worth pursuing takes effort and procrastination becomes our greatest accomplice. OK, that’s my pep talk to myself!