A Recap

This month has flown by in a blur. It began with our first careful (and yet barely able to contain ourselves from ripping) unwrapping of the books. We scrutinized them, breath held, until we were satisfied that they were indeed perfect! With hardly any time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our long labour, we were organizing, packing, filming, printing, cutting, constructing and shopping. Finally, the three day parenting show! Sharing Boom… Boom… Boom… for the first time was heartwarming to say the least. An unexpected bonus – we met some lovely people. Adrian and Connie, with their lovely Bkids series of books, stories for 3 to 6 year-olds about the importance of being yourself. The two of them exuded this belief themselves.

The book launch, an interview with the Liberal and then down to business – showing the book! Thus far Parentbooks and Caversham booksellers are keeping our book and we couldn’t be happier. 
And then there’s my other life, my real one. School pick-ups, dance lessons, editing essays, cooking (occasionally) and generally being all that entails being a wife and mother. I am now smitten with a bad cold which could be a sign to slow down and even if it’s not, that’s what I’m having to do!