A Tiny “Boo Boo”

When “Boom… Boom… Boom…” was about to published, I asked child and parent therapist Jennifer Kolari (she also founded Connected Parenting) to read my book and offer her comments.  I was thrilled when she agreed and even more thrilled when I read her comment:

“What a delightful book!  This is a story about a child with very big feelings and deep emotions. It offers parents and children the opportunity to discuss anxiety, what it feels like and what to do about it. How wonderful to read a story where the parent is comforting, validating and really listening to their child. This book will be on my list of recommended reading for the children and families I work with.”

Imagine how excited I was when, a few months later, Jennifer informed me that she would be listing “Boom… Boom.. Boom…” as Recommended Reading in her (now newly) published book by “Connected Parenting” by Penguin Group.  Thank you Jennifer – I am tremendously grateful!

I purchased a copy of the book when it was released and there was a tiny misprint with my name which I would like to comment on in the hope that Jennifer’s intention to direct her readers to me will be realized.  My name was incorrectly credited as “Marsha Jackson” instead of “Marsha Jacobson.” The internet is one big magical mystery to me but I’ve been told that if I connect Marsha Jackson to Marsha Jacobson, then somehow, somewhere, so will Google.

You can purchase Connected Parenting from amazon.ca, amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or chapters.ca.