How does high emotional intelligence make us successful and happy? I believe it comes down to one thing. Being able to connect with others. Making a connection with another person carries with it a myriad of hidden factors. The next time you feel a “connection”, think about everything that could contribute to this feeling. Usually words surface like “understanding” or phrases like “being on the same wave length”. Both of these are true. People who know how to empathize with another and communicate this empathy are in the pound seats when it comes to emotional intelligence.

Jumping and yet not jumping to another topic, I visited Pride this past weekend. Always analytical, I found myself thinking about connections. There were certainly many extreme displays of identity and I wondered if this were any different to how people are at peace rallies or anti-abortion stake-outs. In our western world, we talk the talk, but we really do not accept differences in others. When people are not accepted for who they are and are not given a voice, do they have any choice but to scream, “we’re here and you’d better take notice”. I felt that many of the more flamboyant dressers had an air of defiance to them. Behind defiance there is always pain. And we are to blame.

I believe that all people, without exception want love and acceptance. I think, for the most part, the ability to do this needs to be fostered in childhood. Let’s teach our children to have high emotional intelligence.