Be Brave

How many possibilities are there to think? To behave? To see? To imagine?

Most of us would have trouble putting a number to this question. How gallant we are when we don’t need to be! How we answer this question when we are content is unimportant.

When life throws us challenges, when doors close or slam in our face, when discouragement threatens to overcome our ability to go forward, then how we answer this question becomes all-important. Bravery is only measured by the amount of fear we feel.

When the possibilities that we can count don’t happen for us and we feel disappointed, we often close our eyes to the infinite other possibilities that could be in the very next moment. If we close our eyes we will not see them. The one thing we all know with absolute certainty is that nothing remains the same. Change is reality. It’s non-sensical to know this about the past and yet not believe it about the future. Believing bravely that our futures hold infinite and positive possibilities is the most powerful ignitor of our very essence.

Living bravely, regardless of what we know for certain about our future, is far better than the alternative where possibilities are rendered useless because we choose to ignore them.