Eric Clapton

I chilled with Eric last night. (Clapton, that is) The experience showed me yet again that life is about connections. Around me were my husband, my son, my son’s girlfriend, my sister, my brother-in-law, my niece and many of my son’s friends. Sharing this evening with these people changed perspective completely. Sitting on the grass alternating with standing for hours felt like feeling the spirit. The temperature of 5 degrees C was an opportunity to cuddle up with loved ones. The gusty wind allowed us to watch seagulls struggling to fly and appearing as if they were hovering. Walking out of the concert with the throngs was a great time for conversation. Without my connections to these people I think I would have described the night as freezing and uncomfortable. The crowds may have annoyed and frustrated me and I probably would not have looked up at the seagulls.

Thank you Eric Clapton for creating music that spanned generations and allowing last night to be a part of my life’s experiences.