Facing Fears

I know from my personal experience that writing about something that is on my mind is helpful to me in processing it.

I am very afraid of spiders. I would rather face a lion (which I did, albeit with a game ranger and a rifle in South Africa) than come within 3 feet of a spider, no matter how small.

Titivating (my father loved this word) in front of the mirror the other day something caught the corner of my eye. It was a small spider, but one of those thicker set one’s, you know, the kind that jump. With no-one around at the time I had to capture the creature on my own.  I  ran to grab some kleenex. To my complete dismay, it had disappeared when I returned to the scene. Now what?

I became hyper-vigilant and spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for this poor thing but it outsmarted me. I was left feeling that it would jump out at every moment until enough time passed and I could convince myself that somehow it had “gone.”

I now take a deep breath and assess. Did this writing help. Hmm… Back to the keyboard!