Gabi’s View On Magic

One reason to teach emotional intelligence in childhood is that children are just such receptive learners. They are not restricted by their physical world. They are happy to believe in that which cannot be seen. Believing and understanding that their thoughts have actual power is not a stretch for a child. I would like to share a delightful reading response that my 9 year old daughter wrote (with her permission of course) about the world renowned magician, Harry Houdini. I am not editing spelling etc for 2 reasons. Firstly, I love the fact that she is encouraged to write and not worry about spelling and grammer. Secondly, it’s adorable!

If I could change the ending of Harry Hodini’s life I would. I would do this because I find that majic is a importend and intertaning thing in the werld. I predect that without majic the werld would be a sad place. Majic is like candy or food for the mind and the eyes. Harry Hodini was a very brave and nice man. He riskted his life to intertain and mack people happy. Some of the tricks he did involved being under water, not brething, being chand up and some times he did all those thigs at the same time. Harry Hodini did a famos trick wich only some people could do because it tock years of pratice. The trick was that eney body could ponch him in the stomick as hard as thay could and he would not get hert as long as hes prepard. One day back stage Harry was preparing for a show and before he went on two students walked in and started asking Hodini some queschins after a will one of them asked about the trick where eney one could punch him in the stumock. Before Harry Hodini could say lets try it and prepare the students started to punch him continuouesly in the stomock. As son as the people back stage could see what was happening thay yeled stop. Even though Harry Hodini felt sick he still knew he had to go on stage, but he dident know that he bursted his apendex. In thouse days it was allways fadill and he dident have an oporation to save his life because he dident know the stodents bersted his apendex. It was only a copill of minets on stage before he colapst on stage because the posin was spreding around his body. A copill days latter Harry Hodini dide. Just because of a copill of punches. Harry Hodini was a vary nice person and he would be 130 today.