Why do so many find it so easy to judge others? Are there any amongst us who are really able to do this? When others do things, see things or feel things differently from the way we do, shouldn’t this be a cue to question our own beliefs and actions rather than theirs? In fact, is this not the only way we can possibly learn, change and grow? I want to leave this earth having seriously questioned myself along the way and I hope that at 100 I will know much more than I do now. Yes, I plan on living to at least that age! (I apologize to my kids, in advance!)

The problem with feeling judgmental about anything or anyone is that it prohibits you from seeing life in a different way. 
We are all raised to be a certain way and by acknowledging that our thoughts and actions stem from this, allows a crack in our armor, through which new ideas can be seen and experimented with. Understanding where we came from, allows us to choose where we want to go.