Our Best Friend

IMG_0105Our almost fourteen year old Shipoo, Flash is sick. Actually he’s been sick for a while with an enlarged heart and two leaky valves. It really only hit home a couple of weeks ago when he began collapsing. At first it happened after he ran up two flights of stairs and but as the week progressed he seemed to need less and less activity to induce an episode. It reached a point when barking alone could topple him. Frantic we rushed him to his Cardiologist. I honestly was bracing myself for “the discussion” that every dog-owner dreads but instead she discussed adjusting medication. So we juggled a few meds and after a few days, lo and behold, he was back to his “old self.”

This experience really made me think. I asked myself, “Why was I so ready to think the worst?” Yes, it will come, but what a waste to live it before it does. Flash has been an amazing dog. He is loved by all who know him. So, from here on I am going to give him the respect that he deserves. He is happy. We don’t believe he has pain. He doesn’t know that he’s sick. So what right do I have to surround him with negativity. So Flashie, if you fall over, we’ll wait patiently for you to get up and if we have to carry you up and down the stairs, we will. This is the very least we can do for you to thank you for your years of selfless love.