Rose-Tinted Glasses

My son Adam has a lovely voice and loves to sing. I know there are those who think that I see him through rose-tinted glasses. I see it a little differently.

Why is it that the better we know someone the less acceptable it is to extol their virtues? Shouldn’t this be the exact opposite?

Beginning with ourselves. A pervasive unwritten rule in our society is to not speak highly of ourselves. Bragging, full of ourselves, self-centered are just a few of the words to describe this act. But who is more qualified?

When my son sings how many of you will see what I see? Who sees his goodness? His generosity of spirit? Who looks at the twinkle in his eyes and remembers that he was born with that? Who understands that his love of singing is a far greater accomplishment than any singing ability that he has?

We all exist as separate human beings and spend life times trying to connect with others. Shouldn’t this connection be revered? If this is seen as rose-tinting our vision then I say, “Down with glasses of any other colour!”