Two More Sleeps

Only 2 more sleeps! We move homes in 3 days and it is hectic! We’ve lived in the same home for 15 years and I had forgotten how much work a move is. I did not anticipate having to go through the overwhelming accumulation of years of unnecessary stuff! As exhausting as it has been, there is something very cleansing about a “spring clean,” albeit in winter! Thank you Mr. Garbage person for schlepping extra weight these past weeks.

My poor son (the one who just got married) has been nursing leg pain for many weeks now. He oscillates between determination to recover and frustration. Can’t say I blame him. Physical pain can feel physically and emotionally draining. After weeks of physio, massage, acupuncture and bed rest he is now trying, with a large degree of optimism, a back decompression clinic. He is booked to go on honeymoon to Mexico on the 19th so the clock is ticking!

Gabi wrote a book report on “Boom… Boom… Boom…” and I was invited in for “show and tell.” I always love speaking to kids and this was no exception. I had now read to grade 5’s before and was surprised how attentive they were. Their understanding of the book was at a higher level and most interesting. My baby is growing up!

Must go. Another box is calling my name.