We’ve moved!

I think the definition of a move completion is when you can use your computer! So while we still live amongst boxes and dust, I can check email and facebook and have access to the internet and that’s what counts. Haha.

First night in our new home was interesting and not quite what I had anticipated. I knew Gabi would be unsettled but I wasn’t prepared for her extreme distress. If she could have walked to our old house, I think she would have. I kept on reminding myself about something that I have learned about parenting and life – nothing stays the same. I’m happy to report that we are now 5 days later and things are much better. As I write this I hear my daughter happily playing with her friend and excitedly showing her around her new home. I felt strange and unsettled myself the first night, as did my husband and my 24 year-old son, so I can only imagine how much more frightening it must have felt for Gabi.

Must go, another box is calling my name!