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Truth – a word bandied around by so many. If the discovery of truth exists I don’t think it is reachable by man. It is presumptuous of any of us to believe that we, with the limitations of our human minds, can state that we have the truth in hand. And yet so many people espousing religions, politics and philosophies do just that. Does this mean that we choose to believe in nothing? No. Is anything all or nothing? Believe what makes sense to you but not to the point where we put down, hate or murder those who disagree with us. Tolerance of others is the solution to all our problems. Realizing that our “truth” is relative and that we choose our beliefs is key. Choice about anything as it pertains to humanity makes us more thoughtful and less reactive.

The reaction to Barack Obama is a phenomenon and I believe that it is the aura of tolerance that flows from him, that speaks to the people. When he speaks I feel as though he is sharing his thoughts and not trying to replace the thoughts of his listeners. It is thrilling to witness a man with such enormous potential power display equal enormous humility.

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What I Know About Being a Parent

I’m back! I apologize for the dry patch of blogs. The webmaster (aka Gaurav) is revamping the website! Please excuse the unfinished new categories but the wait will be worth it. The blog has also been updated to a much more user friendly one – for me! When I see what goes into the back end of a website and I only understand a smidgeon of it, I am in awe of a skill that I’m quite happy doesn’t belong to me!

It’s been a hectic time. I have most happy news. My oldest son and wonderful girlfriend are engaged! I’m going to be a mother-in-law! – A whole new world about to open up for me.

Pre-Christmas was crazy. We sold out of our first shipment which was great. A promotion on City TV didn’t hurt! The response to the book has been heart-warming. Adults and children really seem to understand the meaning behind the story. Our next shipment is arriving yesterday. I guess that means any day now. Can’t wait.

This is what I know about being a parent (No, you didn’t skip a paragraph. I decided to jump right in). I know that it’s sometimes difficult, easy, terrifying and wonderful – often all at the same time. I know that parents who appear over-confident are usually the opposite. I know that the hardest part is hitting a bump and feeling helpless. I know to allow children their pain. I know that the greatest moments are realizing that I rose to the challenge in the best way that I could. I know that making mistakes is inevitable and that sharing those mistakes with my kids is not a bad thing. I know that by showing my children that I am human is also teaching them that it’s ok for them to be human too. I know that I can’t ensure their complete safety but that I will die trying. I know that the best gift I can give them is to teach them to like who they are. I know that I can take them to the water, show them that the water is sweet and nourishing but that the drinking will always be up to them. I know that I always have to recognize my expectations as belonging to me. I know that I can’t walk their path even though they feel a part of me. I know that they are not. I know that my love for them flows from a bottomless well but that their love for me must be earned.

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