What Empathy Looks Like In A Seven-Year Old

Children can so often be cruel as they navigate their place amongst their friends. It is our job, as parents, to teach empathy to our children, the forerunner to peace and all things good – things our world right now is sorely lacking. My sister’s seven-year old is a very sweet and sensitive boy. His empathic perspective is food for thought.

“I had to share what Aden said this morning. We were talking about school lunch and he asked me please not to give him cheese strings anymore. When I asked why – he said Saul is allergic to dairy. I asked if Saul or his teacher had asked that he not bring them and he said no, he just knows he’s allergic. I thought it was very cute. I assured him that Saul is now old enough to know not to eat things he’s allergic to. He said but what if I eat it and then touch him, so I said he could take wet wipes to school.”